Welcome to The Darkest Hour, an elite wallpaper archive dedicated to bringing together 'good' and 'high' quality wallpapers from two very different fandoms, the hit television series 'Moonlight' and the bestselling book series by Stephanie Meyer 'Twilight' - now also a feature film. While both are different, they do share a common thread, with vampires - and certain vampires within the series deciding to be good - and their relationships with one another, and with humans. This archive will deal with each series distinctly, but I do feel they make a nice coupling on this archive, and I hope that you agree.

This may just be a small archive at the moment, but I aim to keep this archive growing. I will strive to showcase some amazing wallpapers, from many artists, please feel free to browse through them and decorate your desktop. The artists have been kind enough to archive their wallpapers here so please respect their wishes and do not archive them anywhere else without the proper permission. I do hope you find this site a great resource for all your Supernatural wallpaper needs!

Using the links at the side you can browse the wallpaper collection by category or by artist. Please use the categories if you wish to avoid spoilers! The archive has been divided into two sections, one is for the Twilight wallpapers where you will find Twilight statistics, categories and artists listed in the navigation bar, along with a Twilight layout, and you can switch from this section to the Moonlight version at any time from the buttons in the sidebar!

The artists here have dedicated a lot of time designing their wallpapers for you to use on your desktop, so why not read about the artists and see where you can find more wallpapers and art by them, or view their sites? If you feel you have good quality wallpapers from the shows and would like to have them archived here then head over to the rules and read about how to get archived. If you feel that your wallpapers should be archived here then head right on over and apply.

This site has many wallpapers that you can download and use to decorate your dekstop, and to make things easier, why not check out the page on Random Wallpaper Programs? Either give a list of wallpapers for it to use or a folder on your computer to get the images from and it will automatically change your wallpaper daily, hourly, or at any time selected by yourself. If you are like me and you like hundreds of wallpapers but can never be bothered changing it every day then this is the program for you, and it is simple to use!
Please Note: this is not my program I am merely recommending it and referring you to the site where to download it.

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Last Update

August 2nd 2009

Wow, what an update! I have just added in 88 brand spanking new wallpapers to the Twilight archive, and only removed 3 older pieces, so there's plenty to check out around the site! But, most importantly, I have added in a new artist to the archive, Marilyne!! She has an amazing collection of artwork, and you should definitely give her section a browse, to read more about Marilyne check out the About the Artists page. The wallpaper update is broken down as follows: Amber (+4 walls); Amy (+10 walls); Bre (+11, -3 walls); Jennilou (+3 walls); JJ (+3 walls); Line (+1 wall); Marilyne (+48 walls); Wendy (+8 walls). It's also worth noting that I added in 4 new pieces to the Moonlight archive, all by Wendy. I hope you like the latest additions and come back to check it out again soon!

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