These are links to various sites that myself along with other artists tend to use for our resources: brushes, gradients, tutorials and so on. You may find some of these sites helpful, or they may have some great downloads for you to use and integrate with your art!

Brushes, Textures, Gradients etc
Stock Photography
Useful Programs & Program Help

These are personal credits to those that have helped make 9th Wonders what it is today.

First of all I want to thank all of the arists who supported me when I was considering building this site, and also for allowing me to use their wallpapers a month or so before the site was even ready to go live, so thanks Ehlwyen, JJ & Stephanie, you guys rock! It really helped me to organise the site and check the navigation, :)

I owe a huge thank you to JJ & Stephanie, for also allowing me to use their wallpapers for a couple of skins used on this site, I couldn't have had so many skins if it wasn't for your help. So thank you again!

Lastly, I have to credit, Tutorialtastic for providing some new skin coding that works on my server, woo!