Twilight: Characters
These Character Centric wallpapers focus on the characters from Twilight. You may also find that artists have used models or other cast for the characters other than the official cast used for the upcoming movie. Use the list below to navigate through them. Please note that if you're looking for two or more characters together, you should head on over to Pairings/Groups to find them!

Central Characters:

Alice Cullen (4)
Isabella "Bella" Swan: 1-10 | 11-16
Carlisle Cullen (2)
Edward Cullen (9)
Emmet Cullen (6)
Jacob Black (11)
Jasper Hale (8)
Rosalie Hale: 1-10 | 11-20

Recurring Characters:

Garret (4)
Irina (3)
James (2)
Jane (1)
Kate (1)
Leah Clearwater (8)
Seth Clearwater (1)
Tanya (2)
Victoria (3)