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Welcome to Provenance, an elite wallpaper archive dedicated to bringing together only the best and 'high' quality wallpapers from the hit television series 'Supernatural'.

This may have just started as a small archive, but it has grown considerably since it's opening in early 2007, Provenance now houses over 500 wallpapers and I aim to keep this archive growing. I will strive to showcase some amazing wallpapers, from many artists, please feel free to browse through them and decorate your desktop. The artists have been kind enough to archive their wallpapers here so please respect their wishes and do not archive them anywhere else without the proper permission. I do hope you find this site a great resource for all your Supernatural wallpaper needs!

Using the links at the side you can browse the wallpaper collection by category or by artist. Please use the categories if you wish to avoid spoilers! If you browse by categories to make things nice and easy for you I have split them down into sub categories so you can go straight to the page you wish. The wallpaper categories include wallpapers that are episode specific, these are cenered entirely around episodes, split into seasons one, two, three, four and soon we'll have season five too! You can then pick your episodie and view by individual episode to avoid spoilers! Next we have the character wallpapers which will be centered around the characters which are centred around specific characters (not the actors playing them), and I've split these into the Winchester boys Dean, Sam and various other recurring characters. I also have pairings and groups featuring two or more characters. Next there are the the Actors: Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. So I hope that covers the categories section, it should be fairly easy to navigate your way through here.

The artists here have dedicated a lot of time designing their wallpapers for you to use on your desktop, so why not read about the artists and see where you can find more wallpapers and art by them, or view their sites? If you feel you have good quality wallpapers from the shows and would like to have them archived here then head over to the rules and read about how to get archived. If you feel that your wallpapers should be archived here then head right on over and apply.

This site has many wallpapers that you can download and use to decorate your dekstop, and to make things easier, why not check out the page on Random Wallpaper Programs? Either give a list of wallpapers for it to use or a folder on your computer to get the images from and it will automatically change your wallpaper daily, hourly, or at any time selected by yourself. If you are like me and you like hundreds of wallpapers but can never be bothered changing it every day then this is the program for you, and it is simple to use!
Please Note: this is not my program I am merely recommending it and referring you to the site where to download it.

In the Site & Web section you will find the usual information. Check out the Links Archive, for a fanart site links, Supernatural site links, gallery links, video sites, icon collectives and more - including the sites of all the artists archived here on Provenance. Please head to credits and resources for inspiration, help, textures, brushes and everything you need to make wallpapers! If you like Provenance then why not link back?


October 9th 2009

Okay so it has been quite a while since my last update, but I will make that up to you now with loads of shiny new art to add to the archive!!! In fact, on this update we are officially reaching 600 wallpapers archived here altogether!!! Congratulations to PV! Okay, now first of all we have a new season of Supernatural that has hit our screens, and with that means and brand new section for the episodic art, Season 5 will be located here from now on! Remember this does mean that if you wish to avoid spoiler you can choose to view by categort and only check out the episodes you've watched!

Now, onto the actual art update! I have added in a grand total of 45 new wallpapers to the archive!! I have also removed a few pieces while I was at it, and so the breakdown is as follows: Aureola +2; Bre +3; Ehlwyen +3; Erin Nicole +3; Galathea +8; Jenni-Lou +1; Sayjay +2; Tam +10 -4; Wendy +10 -3; and finally Zugma +5. So there is absolutely loads of new pieces to check out here, so be sure to have a good browse, and check back again soon!! *huggles!*

August 12th 2009

Another month, another update! I have added in another brand new artist to the archive, Aldieb along with several other changes! The archive update goes as follows: Aldieb (+20 walls); Erin Nicole (+2 -1 walls); Marilyne (+1 -1 walls); Nikki (+2 -5 walls); Sayjay (+11 -16 walls), Tam (+11 -3 walls); and Wendy (+3 -3 walls). These changes to the archive were all made in order to keep each artist's work as up to date and HQ as possible! You can read more about our new artist Aldieb on the About the Artists page!

July 14th 2009

Over thirty new wallpapers added! I have added in a brand new artist to the archive, Aureola with 18 pieces, to read more about her check out the About the Artists page. I have also added in new pieces by Arista (6), Erin Nicole (1), Marilyne (2), Sayjay (2), Wendy (1), and Zugma (3), as well as removing three older pieces from the archive 2 by myself and 1 from Wendy. I hope you like the new additions as much as I do, and I look forward to the next update!

June 10th 2009

Welcome to the brand new home of Provenance!
I have officially moved Provenance into it's brand new home at the-elite-archives.com my new domain that I bought to house all of my archives that I run. But, not only have I got the site a shiny new home, I have given it a shiny make-over too! I created a layout that I felt was nice, simple, organised, and tidy, to make the navigation easier, and the content easier to wade through. I have four different colour schemes, each one featuring a different archived artist. The default theme uses a piece by Zugma featuring Dean and Castiel, while the green layout features the brothers Winchester in a piece by Wendy, the chestnut a piece by myself featuring Sam & John Winchester, and lastly the blue layout features the piece 'Crisis of Faith' by Galathea.

The biggest feat however is that Provenance is now 100% fully updated! I have gone through every artist and updated their archived wallpapers by deleting a whole chunk of old pieces and adding in new pieces. I have deleted another couple of artists altogether, and just generally tried to tidy up the whole archive in general, so that Provenance should now be completely up to date again and ready for periodic updates. Now that I have caught up on all those missed pieces, I won't fall behind again! ;) By purging the archive of older pieces I also feel that I have raised the standard of pieces on here and I aim to keep this high standard with my future updates too!

Also, it is worth noting that any applications that were sent in the past year I most likely did not receive. The php on my server was upgraded and the form stopped working, and I didn't update it, knowing that I would be moving the archive. So the application form is now working again and I am accepting applications again!

The only thing I have yet to update is all of the links on the various links pages but I hope to sit down and sort all of these very soon! I really hope that you like the brand new Provenance, and keep coming back! I aim to make it better than ever!!

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