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This site has been online since 2005, and in that time it has grown exceptionally, currently showcasing over 700 phenomenal wallpapers. There have been over 1000 wallpapers added to this archive since it opened, with over 300 removed, along with artists that are no longer a part of this ever-growing archive. I know many visitors, have seen this archive move through the stages, and I’m proud of the phase that it has now entered.

The artists who remain archived here have produced a level of art, far superior to those wallpapers that were originally housed on “Wallflowers”, and I can truly say, that after having cleared out a lot of the older pieces from artists, that what you find in this archive now, is indeed, the best work from these spectacular visionaries. I aim to keep “Wallflowers” at a cut-above the rest, and maintain this level of quality from here on out. “Wallflowers” has always been an archive for good quality wallpapers, but as of now, it has become an ‘Elite Archive of High Quality Wallpapers’ from a range of artists with so many interesting styles, techniques and methods, spanning the life of the television series ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ and ‘Angel’.

Using the links at the side you can browse the wallpaper collection by artist or alternatively by category. The wallpaper categories include - character centric wallpapers, or the actors and actresses who play them, episode specific pieces arranges into Angel or BtVS episode lists, and lastly we have the couples & groups category.

The artists here have dedicated a lot of time designing their wallpapers for you to use on your desktop, so why not read about the artists and see where you can find more wallpapers and art by them, or view their sites? If you feel you have good quality wallpapers from the shows and would like to have them archived here then head over to the rules and read about how to get archived. If you feel that your wallpapers should be archived here then head right on over and apply.

This site has hundreds of wallpapers that you can download and use to decorate your dekstop, and to make things easier, why not check out the page on the Random Wallpaper Program? If you are like me and you like hundreds of wallpapers but can never be bothered changing it every day then this is the program for you, and it is simple to use!
Please Note: this is not my program I am merely recommending it and referring you to the site where to download it.

In the Site & Web section you will find the usual information, including BtVS and AtS Wallpaper links, listing sites archiving the work of artists where you can find Buffy and Angel fanart and wallpapers - including the sites of all the artists archived here on Wallflowers. You should also check out the other links for other artist's websites not focussing on BtVS or AtS art, also icons, videos, and blend challenge sites, etc. Please head to credits and resources for inspiration, help, textures, brushes and everything you need to make wallpapers! If you like Wallflowers then why not link back?


July 31st 2009

Just a quick update today with some new wallpapers, and removing some older pieces too, I have updated the following artists: Aureola (+2 walls), Bre (+5 walls), Dana (+1, -1 walls), Jennilou (+1 wall), Nikki (+4, -1 walls), and finally Sayjay (+5, -5 walls); giving us a total of 18 brand new walls to add to the archive! Enjoy!

June 16th 2009

I have just updated the archive again, and we now have 815 wallpapers on here!! I have added in 8 new pieces and removed 3 older ones by Bre, added in three new wallpapers by Jennilou, 2 new by Marilyne, and one by Zugma. I have also added in a brand new artist Aureola, with 18 new pieces to share, for more information on our new artist check out the About the Artists page! I hope that you like the new additions, and keep coming back!!!

April 22nd 2009

Just updated the archive to add in some new pieces and some artists. First of all I added in two new pieces by Wendy, along with four new pieces by myself, Sayjay. I have also added in two fantastic new artists, Josh Grey with a total of twenty wallpapers added into the archive, and Matilda with ten lovely pieces. For more information on our new artists check out the About the Artists page! I hope that you like the new additions, and keep coming back!!!

March 29th 2009

This is the update to end all updates!
I have officially moved Wallflowers into it's brand new home at the-elite-archives.com my new domain that I bought to house all of my archives that I run. But, not only have I got the site a shiny new home, I have given it a shiny make-over too! I created a layout that I felt was nice, simple, organised, and tidy, to make the navigation easier, and the content easier to wade through. I have four different colour schemes, each one featuring a different archived artist. The default theme uses a Buffy/Angel piece by Wendy, the chestnut theme has a Buffy & Xander header by J.J.Zugma, and finally the blue theme uses a Buffy piece by Nikki. You can change your colour scheme at any time by selecting from the buttons to your left.

However, the layout aside, Wallflowers is now 100% fully updated! I have gone through every artist and updated their archived wallpapers by deleting older ones and adding in new pieces. I have deleted another couple of artists altogether, and just generally tried to tidy up the whole archive in general, so Wallflowers should now be completely up to date again and ready for periodic updates. Now that I have caught up on all those missed pieces, I won't fall behind again! ;)

Also, it is worth noting that any applications that were sent in the past year I most likely did not receive. The php on my server was upgraded and the form stopped working, and I didn't update it, knowing that I would be moving the archive. So the application form is now working again and I am accepting applications again!

The random wallpaper program I was linking to was the old original one, I have updated the information and links to a newer programme that is a lot more effective, and I would recommend getting your hands on it!

The only thing I have yet to update is all of the links on the various links pages but I hope to sit down and sort all of these very soon! I really hope that you like the brand new Wallflowers, and keep coming back! I aim to make it better than ever!!

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