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Names: Ailsa
Email: Ailsaclare at gmail dot com

Likes: Well apart from BtVS and Ats I have huge love for Firefly, Veronica Mars amongst other TV shows. Huge love for indie rock music and going to gigs. Big bookworm and movie geek.

Dislikes: Lost, mindless tv, rudeness, sticky caps

Info: 17, student, London. Am studying Lit, History and Philosophy of Religion and Ethics. Currently looking to apply to unis and the like, and so have less time for fanart than I would like. Oh and I'm a taurus who likes walks in the rain ;)


BF: ~*Amber*~

Names: Amber, Ambs
Email: Drama_queen251 at yahoo dot com

Likes: Buffy, Angel, Lost, CSI, Firefly, Joan of Arcadia, Dead Like Me, Spuffy, Willow/Tara, Willow Rosenberg/Alyson Hannigan, Sawyer/Kate, Horror Movies, Lunachicks, Punk Rock, Batman, Marilyn Manson, Miller High Life and Marlboro Lights, Harley Quinn, Sheri Moon Zombie, Fiona Apple, The color Pink, The Real World, Leopard Print, Conan O' Brien, Elizabeth Wurtzel, animals, Adobe, Angelina Jolie

Dislikes: Gilmore Girls, Kate/Jack, Willow/Kennedy, Racists, Emo, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, mean cats, homophobes, catty girls, preppy people *shrug, liars

Info: I am 23, I live in Cincinnati, and I am easy to love or hate. I am loud, loyal, bossy, bubbly, opinionated, sometimes a little too truthful. I curse a lot and I have a constant outdoor voice. I listen to all sorts of music, and like all types of people. I have had pink hair for 8 years and a lot of folks call me Pinky, Pink stuff, etc. 4 years ago, a roomate of mine had Adobe on her computer and I began tinkering around. My first piece was a simple overlay from The Wish and I was addicted. Since then, I have made so many wallpapers I can't count them and I opened my portfolio as a means of displaying my work.


BF: Aureola

Names: Hanna, Aureola
Email: aureola underscore at mail dot ru

Likes: Inspiration, good mood, my family. Of course my computer and photoshoping. Green colors and surprises. About fandoms: Buffy, Angel, Supernatural, Battlestar Galactica.

Dislikes: arrogant people, stupidity, noise

Info: 1991, student - future marketing scientist. Born and live in Ukraine, Kharkiv. Found myself in photoshop arting, a little bit lazy person, who believes that all her dreams will come true.


BF: Obsessed

Names: Beth, Buffsteraddict, In-This-Reality, Obsessed,Deaf-Eardrums, formerly known as 'Ann'
Email: Obsessionofthemoment at yahoo dot com

Likes: I am OBSESSED to the tube, (Buffy, Angel-Veronica Mars, House, Lost, Alias, Charmed, Smallville, Desperate Housewives...& whole lot more), I read biographies/memoirs & Buffy comics, graphic design/my site, anything art related (crafts), listening to the 80's, playing with my dog- Spikey, Ben & Jerry chocolate chip ice cream, Coke, my hearing aids & sign language, my VCR...

Dislikes: Paris Hilton- (she's not hot), rude drivers, canceled tv shows that end in a cliffhanger, people who dismiss deaf people cuz of pity, excerising (it's a pain in the ass but I do it so I can have a nice ass), people who aren't honest with me, debates...

Info: I am 30 yrs old, graduated from Gallaudet University (college for the deaf), majored in Graphic Design but should have majored in education (I think), I want to make my own t-shirts, purses, scarves and write children's books... even adult novels but I worry if my grammer is good enough (the school system ripped me off cuz of my deafness- no I am not bitter)... mumble... grumble..



Names: Annegela, Lauren
Email: girlwhocriedmilk at hotmail dot com

Likes: Graphic Design, BTVS, Lost, Muse, Indie/Alternative music, reading, concerts.

Dislikes: People with short tempers,confrontation, anything/anyone Pop related ( i.e Ashlee Simpson, Britney Spears...), people who diss religion.

Info: I'm a 17 (soon to be 18!) year-old high school senior from sunny California. I will be attending college in the fall of 2005 to study graphic design. My dream job would be designing cd covers. I tend to obsess over things quite easily so if you obsess over the same things I do *cough* Muse *cough*, I'm pretty much gonna like you. :D



Names: Just one. Berend
Email: berend_w0ej89 at hotmail dot com

Likes: BtVS, AtS, Firefly, Veronica Mars, Tru Calling, Quentin Tarentino, The Shins, Cibo Matto

Info: 16 years old, from Holland, love making fanart and websites. Don't really like doing this so just check my website for more info.


BF: Bre

Names: Just Bre. It's part of my middle name.
Email: dust2dust34 at yahoo dot com

Likes: Buffy, Angel, Veronica Mars, House, Charmed, Nip/Tuck, life, sleeping, my dog, my computer and paint program, life, food (more specifically anything Italian!), all music except country because frankly, it depresses me. :P

Dislikes: Anime! Horrible stuff. Badly written fics, broccoli, my ex-boyfriend (:P)...

Info: I'm a college girl who loves fanart and fanfiction and pretty much anything on TV that lets me wander pass the boundaries. I live in the US and am a Capricorn and have been making fanart since mid-2005 (not too long, really) and writing for many years longer than that. I'm pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and harboring a desire to write professionally.


BF: Dana

Email: dana at thedudes dot nu

Likes: Btvs, Ats, movies, music and my dear computer

Info: "22, turn 23 on Dec. 30th, my home is in Sweden." As for Wallpapers... "Well, over the years when running my Btvs site (may it rest in peace) I saw wallpapers around the net and felt I had to have it on my site too. Safe to say, they weren't good. Now, years later I got the inspiration to start making fanarts and wallpapers and I wanted to give it a home, show people around the net what I could do and basically have people say I rocked *lol*. It started out as a fun thing but today it's one of my favourite things to do. I make fanart at home, at my parents and at school (when I went last fall) and having a site to show them off in is essential."


BF: Demetreas

Names: Dee, Demetreas
Email: webmaster at immortal dash butterflie dot net

Likes: Btvs Ats, Veroncia Mars, TV in general, Movies, Traveling, Comp Graphics, Music, Reading, etc normal everyday stuff...

Dislikes: Spiders, Politics, Boredom, having to explain myself more than once.

Info: I am 20, moved around a lot, residing currently in England but hope to change that when I make my millions in web site design (yeah right). Currently studing Interactive Multimedia at Uni. I slightly enjoy coding more than art but only slightly.... umm... Im a virgo and I love horse back riding and moonlite walks on the beach.... ok but seriously, I enjoy making art, I should really spend more time on study but art and coding is more fun.


BF: Ehlwyen

Names: Ehlwyen
Email: ehlwyen at yahoo dot com

Likes: Driving anywhere or nowhere, hard rock, 80s metal, salt. Is it any surprise I'm addicted to Supernatural? But BTVS and Angel were my first true tv addiction. My adoration of all things Buffy/Angel and Cordelia will always keep my heart coming back. Fan of horror and supernatural but still love soapy teen tv and movies (which explains my obsession with Passions).

Dislikes: Bugs and creepy crawly things, medical dramas, telemarketers, the people that canceled Passions.

Info: 29, Kentucky girl, married to my high school sweetheart with 2.5 cats (yes, my youngest cat is that huge). Always have had some type of artistic outlet (drawing, concert photography, scrapbooking) but finally got my opportunity to do digital art in fall of 2004. Could have went to medical school after college, but am a thousand times happier that I didn't and now have time to actually enjoy life and do art. I'm a pretty simple person who finds a lot of meaning in the little things.



Names: Emma, Compelly
Email: Compelly at gmail dot com

Likes: Buffy, Angel, Veronica Mars, House M.D., Nine Inch Nails, Trent Reznor, Music, the Internet.

Info: I'm 15 years old (16 on the 8th June!) and live in the West Midlands, UK. I have been using Photoshop for 2/3 years, after Jenni Lou got me into fanart. Next school year i will be studying Art, Biology, Chemistry, Maths and ICT. Music and the Internet are beautiful things. Oh and i'm allergic to cheese :P



Names: Emmy, Mystical Chinchilla
Email: mysticalchinchilla at yahoo dot com

Likes: many and varied TV shows (Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Bones, Lost, Alias, Monk, Robin Hood, Monty Python, The Simpsons), acting, trees, lava lamps, rubber ducks, photoshop, ditching class to go to the beach, doughnuts, people who make me laugh

Dislikes: peanut butter, rubber ducks (I have conflicted feelings about them), paying bills, people who are cruel to animals

Info: I am 19 going on 20, with the soul of an eight-year-old. I'm going to school in California but missing New England. One day I'll be a professional actor. Meaning, one day I'll probably be a waitress.



Names: Erica, Cookie Dough
Email: skating92 at hotmail dot com

Likes: Obviously, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. I so love my fandom. I am also a huge Veronica Mars fan. Other shows that I watch are House, Grey's Anatomy, and Dead Like Me. I am attached to my computer and my paint shop pro. I also love my friends. FOOD! (I almost forgot)

Dislikes: Ignorant people, school work, bees/wasps/hornets (I'm terrified)

Info: I'm a Capricorn. I am Canadian (and proud of it). I started making wallpapers in 2003 and icons in about 2004. I'm easily amused and love to laugh. I am pretty paranoid and scared easily too. Oh, and procrastination is my best friend. :)


BF: Jenni Lou

Names: Jenni Lou, jennilou
Email: Jennilou at fractured-simplicity dot net

Likes: Reading, writing, tv (veronica mars, lost, buffy, angel, roswell, seinfeld, the x-files, and so many more that it's actually quite absurd), music of all kinds, beer, photoshop, internet, post-it notes, my cell phone, , TV series on DVD, concerts, spontaneous vacations, etc.

Dislikes: Ignorant people, tYPing LIkE thIS, shopping for clothes, and sometimes my email inbox

Info: I live outside Chicago and have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Ficiton Writing from Columbia College Chicago. I live alone in my own house, but I don't tend to leave my bedroom very often when I am here. My room has my computer, my laptop, my big ass tv with DVD and VHS and Playstation and stereo, a coffee maker and even a mini-fridge. I am currently working on a novel and a collection of short stories.

Josh Grey

BF: Josh Grey

Names: Josh Grey
Email: Joshinka dot grey at gmail dot com

Likes: I love TV shows like Angel, Buffy, Firefly, Dollhouse, Heroes, Veronica Mars and many others. Music like Folk, Rock, Alternative Rock are good in my book. I love the Harry Potter series, though I don't do much reading (I love on occasion a good book). I like to work in PS and spend a long time on it.

Dislikes: School... Pretty much it XD

Info: I'm 17, likes camping (esp at the beach). I am very lazy. Mostly, I like to chill, listen to music or watch my TV shows. My favorite creator is Joss Whedon, I am a fan. The first movie I remember seeing on theaters was under his belt (Toy Story 1) and a few years later, my first TV passion (Buffy the Vampire Slayer).


BF: Little_Albatross

Names: J.J.
Email: secretidentitygal at hotmail dot com

Likes: BtVS, Veronica Mars, Firefly, AtS, Psych, House, Arrested Development, Charmed, 24, Alias, Gilmore Girls, Ewan McGregor, Clueless, Moulin Rouge!, Rilo Kiley, Harry Potter, Queen, soy milk, chai tea, Photoshop, fashion, math, shoes, skirts, the color pink, Buffyworld Forums, whittling stakes... Dislikes: Most reality tv, guns (but I LOVE Firefly :s), flip flops, public speaking, coffee, driving because cars and I are like unmixy things, people who tell me I can't actually marry everyone on my list of future husbands ;) people who tell me what to do (except for the people who can)

Info: I'm a 17-year-old from northern California, and I'm just out of high school. I graduated the same year as Veronica Mars, and I was named Biggest Klutz :P I have no idea what I'm going to do, but it'll probably have something to do with fashion. Until then, I'm exploring higher education and I don't have a job. It takes some strange sort of motivation to get me to work hard. If I'm not at school, you can find me in front of the TV or computer, unless somebody actually convinces me to go out.



Names: Kathy
Email: HpGurl1116 at yahoo dot com

Likes: Firefly, Boy Meets World, Lost, Everwood, Friends, That 70's Show, Jack & Bobby, Buffy, Angel, Harry Potter, LOTR, Star Wars, TV, movies, internet, music, reading, writing, penguins..

Info: My name is Kathy. I'm currently a student in the stages of high school life, and I have a passion for making fanart. (I am slightly obsessive.) I've been using Paint Shop Pro 7 since July 2003. I love reading and writing, but my love for watching TV/going on the internet and tendency to procrastinate often gets in the way. Yeah, I'm not so great at telling you about myself...but I assure you that there is nothing else about myself or my life worth hearing. =P



Names: Katie, Kat
Email: Katie at blue-rain dot org

Likes: Lots and lots of TV shows, especially AtS, BtVS, Gilmore Girls and Crossing Jordan. Apart from creating artwork, I also love to read - fanfiction and books - and occasionally write.

Dislikes: Ignorance, intolerance and all that because open-minded is the thing to be.

Info: I'm from Germany, 26 - and do I feel old writing that - years old. Since last year I'm done studying and am now a graduated translator for English and Czech (and German as mother language obviously). I'm complicated and all but nevertheless still likable. I do believe in keeping that inner child is good for oneself, especially the look at the world and such. Apart from this, I don't think I could live without chocolate.


BF: ~*Marilyne*~

Names: Just Marilyne :)
Email: Maricatlou at hotmail dot com

Likes: All the good TV shows like BTVS, Supernatural, OTH, Gilmore Girls, Dark Angel, House M.D. etc. I adore Photoshop (a bit too much lol). I love theater, writing, singing, music (mostly all kinds), shoping with my friends, talking with'em instead of studying :P. And I absolutely love to read : I'm addicted to everything called "book".

Dislikes: Everything that's superficial. Mushrooms. Being ill.

Info: I'm 18 years old. I'm from Montreal. I'm currently studying Drama. I couldn't live without theater, and I also teach it to little kids ^_^ I want to become a director or a writer...anyway, it'll be in the field of cinema ! I'm not a shy person, I talk a lot...ok too much ! But I believe I'm open minded and I also love to hear what other people think.


BF: Matilda

Names: Matilda, Matti, Emmet
Email: e3mmet at hotmail dot com

Likes: Btvs, Moonlight, Gossip Girl, Supernatural, Prison Break, The Flying Doctors, The L Word, That 70s Show, The Black Donnellys, Dark Angel, Heroes ( = television to the max!) Travel, Art of all kinds, Photography, Coffee, Tom Yorke, Music festivals and concerts. And everything from Joss Whedon or starring Jennifer Beals is cinema perfection!

Dislikes: Charter-travels. Living in ground floor flats with paper thin walls; it sucks.

Info: 17 year old little swedish fanartmaker of the female kind with about two years of Photoshop on my neck. I tend to fall a little bit too easy for fiction couples which is the main reason why I'm arting like a maniac today, but also partly because I'm just the biggest music junkie ever who has lost the highest number of shoes in the history of shaking the butt off, soaking wet in concerts - yes, that's a big inspiration source too. And to one day be saved from the evil monsters under my bed in the arms of Dean Winchester, is my final destiny.


Names: Monica
Email: Buffyeverafter at yahoo dot ca

Likes: BtVS, Angel, Lost, The O.C, Veronica Mars, Alias, Desperate Housewives and Bones. I also like reading, using computer and making websites.

Dislikes: Jealousy, dishonesty and depressed peoples.

Info: I'm 31 years old , I'm married and I have a 10 years old son. We are Hungarian but we lived in Canada in the last 5 years. Last year we moved back to our country (sigh) but I hope we can go back to Canada and stay there forever!! I started making websites 2 years ago and I've got my first computer 4 years ago. Since that I love everything about computers, now I'm in school learning "Computer Graphic Arts". I think that's enough info because I'm not so good writing things about me.


BF: Nikki

Names: Nikki, Nic, Nix
Email: Nikki at misplaced dot co dot uk

Likes: Pulp Fiction, Fight Club, Pirates of the Caribbean, Spiderman, Pride and Prejudice, Muse, Dido, Avril Lavigne, Angel, Buffy, Friends, Tru Calling.

Info: From London, England, 24, Capricorn.


BF: SaltyGoodness

Names: Odelia, odelias, SaltyGoodness
Email: Odelias at yahoo dot com

Likes: BtVS; AtS; Bangel (forever!!!!!); vampires (yes, I was a few years ago an Anne Rice fan!); creating fanart; creating art (painting etc); bright fresh sunny days; the night; poetry & literature; music - Doves, Elbow, VAST etc & a bunch of NZ bands you probably haven't heard of, but probably should find out about!!!! (The Feelers, The Muttonbirds, Eight etc); movies - Bram Stoker's Dracula for one!

Dislikes: Annoying power-crazy execs that cancel amazing shows; dishonesty; English weather & the cold; arrogance; people who stick too much to accepted 'norms'.

Info: I am 30 in Nov 05 (argh!) & am from New Zealand. At the moment I am living in London, where I have been for the last 6 1/2 years, teaching (which has been...er, 'interesting'). But now it's time to move on: in October I'm back off to the Land of the Long White Cloud, where I'll either finish an art course I'm doing or (having _not_ being able to finish it 'cause of my inherent slackness!) embark on...goodness knows what; I'm thinking maybe Graphic design? Other general stuff about me: I prize loyalty and honesty and I have to admit I'm a pretty obsessive person who won't let go of an interest until I've burnt it all through! Oh, and as by now you've noticed...I can talk A LOT! Happy to chat, drop me a line!


BF: Peace

Names: Peace, Mystery of Obscurity
Email: BlindFolded underscore Hunter at yahoo dot com

Likes: Umm... shortly: BTVS, sleeping, good food, sunshine, late spring, early autumn, watching sunset, long walks on the seashores, Formula-1 races, pitted cats, loneliness, fast internet, food, glitter, smell of vanilla, traveling, dancing, acting, poems, red vine, lyrics of Sarah McLachlan and VAST, re-watching Buffy for numerous times, looking through my photos, web-design, torturing Photoshop, drawing, being lazy. BTVS soundtracks - this music changed my life. Buffy/Angel fanvideos - I like watching and both making 'em. I'm evil, partly *giggle*. Angel aka David Boreanaz (he's such a sweetie!). My computer. Chocolate and pea punts in yogurt. Music of VAST, Sarah McLachlan, Black Lab, K's Choice. Book: Bulhakov "Master & Margaret". Horses. Glitter. Philosophy of Nietzsche. History of second World War. Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy. Buffy/Angelus fanfiction (yummy leather pants). Talk too much... Is that a plus?

Dislikes: I hate spiders, greedy people, my mirror (in the morning and practically all the time), untruthful friends, studying, being judged, the fact that there's no truth in this world except the fact that we all will die sooner or later. Pumpkin porridge and water-plants (raise a hand in eww). Mad old people (they irritate me). Being ashamed and teased. People, who think they're smarter than the other ones & that means they're allowed to do everything. Spuffy... God help me, this relationship irritates me. ANIME!

Info: 1988, student of psycho-pedagogic faculty (in future - teacher of English and everything in primary school), 9 March. Started school in 1994, finished in 2004. Web-addict since 2000, web-designer since 2002. I'm from Ukraine. I write books, poems, fanfiction... Belletrist, by all means. Actually I wanted to be an actress or play in some band, but the damned financial troubles turned the tables... But who know what future holds? Buffy addict since 1999. :)


BF: Creamy Coolness

Names: Romain, Creamy Coolness
Email: Creamycoolness at tiscali dot fr

Likes: I'm loving lots of TV Shows, my favorite being BtVS, AtS, Firefly, Veronica Mars, Lost and Joan of Arcadia :) Also, I'm a fan of LOTR, Alien and Indiana Jones Series.

Dislikes: Crappy police series, real tv and soaps :)

Info: 23, Student in biochemistery, almost official scientist now ! I'm working in Immunology but I also use my spare time for fanarting and I'm going to learn some courses about web design and such soon.


BF: slaycandy

Names: Sarah-Jane, Sayjay, Sage, SlayCandy

Likes: Doing Wallpapers! LOL! Buffy, Angel, Veronica Mars, MOVIES! Uh - that's it. That's my life.

Dislikes: Spiders. Does that count as a dislike? More of a fear, really.

Info: Little Scottish lass, lol, Edinburgh chick born and raised. Left high school, stayed working to make some cash before uni, now studying 'Mathematics & Economics'. I am cursed, bad things happen to me and around me, I'm accident prone and disease prone, so really, it's probably best you just know me via the net. (That's also why there's always dips in the updates at my sites - my damned bad luck!)


BF: Slaygal

Names: slaygal, whatnow73, Fiona

Likes: Fanart! Love my tv shows - Buffy, Angel, The OC, Lost, Heroes, Veronica Mars, Supernatural....and so forth. I like the environment! Blogging, drawing, doing handmade stuff. I'm a workaholic.

Dislikes: Negative people, unfriendly people (is it THAT hard to be civil?), smoking, insects, cancelled tv shows.

Info: I'm 19 and live in Australia, doing a Law/Arts degree. I live with my family, have great close friends, random acquaintances and a awesome boyfriend. I would like to be famous or influential one day - hopefully for art, writing or helping the world.



Names: Steph
Email: Semmett at winter-rain dot com

Likes: Alias, Buffy, Watching TV, Making art and webdesign. Hanging out with my friends.

Dislikes: Olives, and childrens anime (makes me want to scream :O-aahhh)

Info: I live in Australia, yes, the place where we get all the good tv shows 2 years later :( I can't wait 'till I can afford to move somewhere better. Until then I abuse my internet connection and pass my time making wallpapers and reading fanfiction.


Names: Stephanie
Email: dreams-in-the-dark at hotmail dot com

Likes: TBA.

Dislikes: TBA.

Info: TBA.


BF: Smth_Blue

Names: Tam, Smth_Blue, Spuffy
Email: FallenSky at ukr dot net

Likes: BtVS, AtS, Serenity, Veronica Mars, Harry Potter, Supernatural, Bones, Photoshop, poetry, classic rock, ice-skating, summer, absurd, symbolism, hundreds of other things %)

Dislikes: Arrogance, blind self-assurance, rudeness, narrow-mindness, Warner Brothers, baiting.

Info: I am 25, married, have a six-year old daughter and a fluffy rabbit named Buffy. Live in Kiev, Ukraine, working as a technical writer. Stubborn, not very social Virgo :P


Names: Vi
Email: addictionreality at yahoo dot com

Likes: Btvs,angel, david boreanaz,csi, house,bones,photoshop,chemistry,comnputers,music from emenim to g unit christina's stripped to kelly clarkson and britney,reading,chocolate,pizza,and everything that has to do with science considering i wonna study nuclear chemistry.

Dislikes: Csi miami and newyork, kevin federline, paris hilton, rude people.

Info: 20 years old,studying chemistry,love fashion and jeans especially low waist jeans,very forgiving,never get mad at people.


BF: Wenj

Names: Wenj, Wendy
Email: blacklagoon dot blown dash back at hotmail dot com

Likes: All things movie and television (if I actually wrote out all the fandoms we could reasonably be here all day! ;) ) I love to read and write, though I don't find the time to do the latter much. And when I am not doing those things I am either doing my passion (photoshop-ing), working, or doing something school related. I think that covers all the major bases!

Dislikes: Arrogance, stupidity, ignorance, childishness and animal abusers! Also as of recently thieves (both cyber and real life!!)

Info: Little Texas girl, born and raised. I'm 22 and attending college to major in Biology (haven't decided yet if it should be Marine bio or some doctoral program....I'm pretty sure I should know this by now, but just don't). I work for my mom as a screen printer (I make t-shirts, signs, and banners for a living) on the side and in my spare time I am either in front of the television or the computer screen or let's be honest, sleeping. My life in a nut shell! :)


BF: Zugma

Names: Olga, Zugma
Email: UglyBusiness at yandex dot ru

Likes: The usual - BtVS, AtS and my Photoshop... that and being with the ones I love.

Dislikes: Work ;)

Info: Hmm. Leo, lazy bone, live in Ukraine, trying to be a designer, spend too much time thinking of the things that not exist... Also, really suck at describing myself, obviously :) Well, if you *really* want to know something specific about me, why don't you just email and ask?