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Email me at bubblybwitched at hotmail dot com!

Want to Affiliate with Wallflowers? Well, I can be a bit picky with affiliations - I hate getting people emailing to be affiliates for the sake of getting more affiliates, I mean it is a bit pointless when you run - oh say a Green Dy fansite and you email me asking to be affiliated? Tell me where the connection is? LOL. Okay, so I've neve had a Green Day fansite apply to be an affiliate, but you'd be surprised what can come up!

So basically, my only concerns are that there should be a link of some kind - whether it's a Buffy and Angel fansite, or an artist's website, I would even accept 'shipper sites if they perhaps have a fanart gallery, or if the webmaster is really nice. But outside of the jossverse and 'art' categories I don't really see a connection, so please if you do email wanting to be affiliated, make sure we have some kind of a link! :D Thanks guys!

Also, I really don't like racism, hate, porn, or narrow minded-ness blatantly advertised through sites - if you have an opinion on these things, you are entitled to it, I just don't appreciate seeing it plastered across the internet, and I don't know many who do. I don't think it's nice, and would deny an affiliation if I saw any 'hate' through your website.

A Spot of Advertising

Hallowhedon: A UK Whedonesque Convention!

Hallowhedon is a 3-day unofficial convention to celebrate the Halloween weekend in style, and the various hit television series created by Joss Whedon. This event will feature guests from Joss Whedon's series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", "Angel", "Firefly" (and the movie continuation "Serenity") as well as his latest venture "Dollhouse".

This event will be held from Friday 30th October - Sunday 1st of November 2009 at The Thistle Hotel, Heathrow.

Current Guests include: James Marsters 'Spike' and Nicholas Brendon 'Xander' from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", further guests to be announced soon!

This convention aims to bring together fans of Joss Whedon to meet some the actors, and enjoy various events over the weekend. There will be activities each day including guest Q&A panels, autograph sessions and professional phot shoots, as well as late night themed parties!

The programmes available to buy are:
Standard Adult Programme at 78
Standard Child Programme at 29
Silver Programme at 135 (Limited to 150!)
Gold Programme at 195 (Limited to 150! Less than half 50 now!)

For more information visit the website: HALLOWHEDON!