Okay, well this is my little section dedicated to awards Wallflowers has won over time. :) A big thank you to those who felt the site was worth an award, :) Click on the thumbnails to view the full awards. My latest award will be shown below...

From Insane Buffy Fans (Round 1)

Award: Best Overall Site
From: Insane Buffy Fans Awards
Received: September 2006 (Round 1)
Comments: Such an honor to be best overall site, thank you so much!

Award: Inspired Charisma
From: Infinite Illusions
Received: February 5th 2006
Comments: Bre gave me the sweetest message along with the award, so I thought I would share it.
Well, I'm not going to say anything that you've probably already heard about your fantabulous site. :P The reason I gave you the Inspired Charisma award is because you have a ton of content on your site that is gorgeous to the eye and incredibly fun to look at. It doesn't hurt that you basically hand-pick the walls yourself. The challenges are a great way for the viewer to stay interactive and the different skins is an example of awesome variety. So in other words, great site and keep up the tremendous work. :D

Award: Judges Choice
From: Stinky Yak Cheese Awards
Received: November 2005 (Round 16)
Comments: Thank you judges!

Award: Best BtVS/AtS Combo Site
From: Stinky Yak Cheese Awards
Received: November 2005 (Round 16)
Comments: Yay, my second award from SYCA.

Award: Ooh shiny!
From: Weight of the World
Received: October 9th 2005
Comments: I love you Berend, thanks for making this for me even though you really didn't have to. :D

Award: Site Exellencce
From: Dusk 'til Dawn
Received: October 8th 2005
Comments: Congrats, your site has won the site excellence award from Dusk ‘til Dawn! Your award’s attached to this email, ... and congrats on an excellent website!

Award: Site of the Moment
From: Tash @ Sunnydale Scenery
Received: October 6th 2005
Comments: As you can see I've got two lovely awards here! Actually I got sent both, and was told to pick my favourite, but I liked both, so thought - what the hell, let's just use both. :) I had actually only applied to be added to the links directory, but when I got the email through about SOTM I was all giddy, :D So anoher big thank you for this award, and lots of smiles all around.

Award: October Site of the Month
From: Mandi @ Vampires Kiss
Received: October 4th 2005
Comments: Well as if Mandi hadn't made me smile enough, I got the SOTM award too, so a huge thank you, and plenty of hugs for this award. :)

Award: Mesmerizing
From: Mandi @ Vampires Kiss
Received: October 4th 2005
Comments: WOW! Okay, I got the Mesmerizing award from VK, and Mandi was really lovely in the email... "Your site is amazing! I really enjoyed checking everything ok. So many pretties! I've awarded you the Mesmerizing Award (which I've only given out two other times since Vampire's Kiss has been opened)" Thank you very much for the kind words and praise, :D I think I'll be smiling for days now!

Award: Keepsake Award
From: Jenni-Lou @ Daydreaming
Received: October 2nd 2005
Comments: A huge thank you for the 'Keepsake' award, especially from an amazing site like Daydreaming. :)

Award: Site of the Month
From: Jenni-Lou @ Daydreaming
Received: September 2005
Comments: I never even knew I had been SOTM! It was Jenni-Lou that told me in the email along with the above award, I am really honored to have been sOTM at DD, and thank you very much!