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Angles, Whisperword's archive
Avatarian World
Beware the Fornicons - Faith/Spike Icon Archive, multiple artists
Breathing in the Stars - Farscape Archive
Down the Block - Bad Girls Archive
Echanting - Leonie's archive
Every Little Piece of Me - Angel/Buffy Icon Archive, multiple artists
Friday Icons, Grrl Friday's Archive
Gravity Girl's Icons, Isabelle's archive
Iconized, Anne-Sophie's archive
Iconographic, Anna's archive
Itty Bitty, Rae's archive
Kate Winslet Icons, multiple artists
Moodswing, Jenah's archive
Nicole Kidman Icons, multiple artists
One by One, Christie's archive
Ooh Shiny! Julie's archive
Pixel Dust, Kim's archive
Vast Expanse Ailsa'a archive (on hiatus)

Links to Music Video Sites
Bronze Ambition, Charmax's vids
Chosen Productions, Dana's vids
Creative Refuge, Trisha, Astarte & Sassy's vids
Effulgent Reflections, Aurora's vids
Imaginary, Sweetie & John's vids
Morbid Much, Ryan's vids
No Promises, Sara's vids

Links to Art Sites (no BtVS/AtS)