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Skinning and PHP, I learned from Code

The randomizer used on the affiliates and the banners is from Dodo's Scripts.
Brush/Texture Sites
Stock Images & Scans Sites

A Beautiful Reality (scans)
A List Celebs (photos)
At Pictures (celeb photos)
Blind Folded (scans)
Day Dreaming (thousands of captures and screencaps - a great resource in general)
Deviant Art
Edge Scans
Fever of Fate(scans, screencaps, etc)
Free Foto
Freeze Frame Network
From the Corner of Your Eye (scans)
Getty Images
Image After
Last Beautiful Girl (scans)
Photodisc (photodisc images are now part of Getty Images)
Sparkling Diamonds (scans)
Stock Xchng
Sugar High Scans

Useful Programmes & Program Help
Buffy and Angel Websites